The subjects of this page and a future blog category: Learning to apply makeup; Discussion about some of the makeup available the 1970s and 1980s versus the makeup available today; All the old and new makeup from both of my handbags (initial photo of the some of the makeup below) - the different matching lipsticks and nail-polishes, Cover Girl eye-liner, Nat Robbins eyebrow pencils, brands of makeup like Revlon, L’oreal, Stagelight makeup, Lip Secret lipstick, Almay foundation makeup, Cover Girl, perfume, Lee press-on-nails, lip-gloss; The mess it made in my handbag when I broke a bottle of nail-polish while rummaging through it. The smell was horrendous and really overpowering and as you can see from the photo I never got the nail polish cleaned up. Missing from the photo but in the bag were the Nat Robbins eyebrow pencils, the nail adhesive and a number of other items. I need a bigger handbag. I’ll try to add photos of some of the individual keepsake makeup like the Stagelight Peacock Blue glittery eyeshadow later. Some of the makeup and handbag contents: makeup-from-my-handbags-new-and-old=eye-makeup-lipstick-halloween-makeup