Ladies Sheer Full Brief Panties

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Since WE WERE BORN into this world WITHOUT CLOTHING, the ATTEMPT TO INSTILL GUILT and shame for the nakedness of the bodies is simultaneously unconscionable and absurd. For people to suggest that the bestowal of identity, our development in the womb, and our births, DURING WHICH TIME WE WERE NAKED, was the work of a higher power and then turn around and refer to the unclothed state of that higher power’s creation as pornography or obscenity is both irrational and a blasphemous attack on their own higher power. They wave the banner of prudishness whilst invoking the name of their god, but fail process the fact that they are protesting against the very life and nudity they believe was created by the God they allegedly worship. By decrying Gods creation they blaspheme the creator him or herself. The human body should be looked at as an artwork, sculpted in the miraculous medium of life. Too often this expression is hidden or censored by those who, out of their own vanity or megalomania, would attempt to force their own prudish narrow minded agenda on the rest of us. They invoke the God who they believe created us (NAKED), to try to manipulate the population with finger wagging shame and guilt knowing full well that they are pushing a political and personal agenda that is at extreme odds with the truth and the “religion” they hide behind in furtherance of their tax loopholes and their cover for bigotry. We should dispense with the ridiculous notion that nudity is pornography or obscenity and realize what is going on. We should demand an end to the drive for theocratic totalitarian police-state style control over every aspect of our lives.

Now that the disclaimer and the rant are out of the way, let’s get on to the photos and BRIEF (pun intended) description of the ladies sheer full brief panties male modeled back view

Pink Nylon Chiffon Nancy King Style 01004.0 Ultra-Sheer Full Brief Ladies Panties

These style 01004.0 nylon mesh sheer full brief panties are made in light blue, pink, white and black.

This pair of see-through pink nylon mesh chiffon Nancy King Style 01004.0 sheer full brief panties from Lingerie Outlet is shown male modeled, back view, with a black puff-sleeve peasant blouse from Frederick’s of Hollywood.




In these two photos of me in I’m holding out a “Touch Me”
wooden Massaging Bath Brush by Pacific Image Inc..
and modeling a black puff sleeve peasant blouse with pair of pink chiffon full brief ultra-sheer ladies panties from Lingerie Outlet (back-view). black-peasant-top-wooden-massaging-bath_brush-ultra-sheer-Nancy_King-full_brief-pink-chiffon-ladies-panties-modeled