Bigotry regarding sexual-orientation and marriage

There are many excuses people use for their own bigotry. If only it were just that people were bigoted. Unfortunately so many of them try persecute people they don’t like and take away their rights. The LGBT community has been the target of a lot of this lately. Fortunately the American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU ), The National Organization for Women ( NOW,org/ ) have joined with many other groups to try to protect and appeal for the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, and other minorities from legal attacks like California’s Proposition 8 and similar legislation around the country.


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  1. Sandra Says:

    California’s “Proposition 8″ was and is pure bigotry indeed, and the members of California’s State Supreme Court who voted to uphold it, in my opinion, showed themselves to be bigots. Equal rights under the law should not be subject to popularity. Proposition 8 was not a “defense” of marriage, rather, it was an ATTACK on lesbian and gay marriage.

  2. Vanessa S. Says:

    We should write letters to Editors and write to our congresspeople to let them know we don’t buy any excuses because there are none. Discrimination is discrimination.

  3. Marge96 Says:

    I’d like to recommend that you add a link on your site for “The Webs Largest All Lesbian Blogroll” at so you can get more comments. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to tell them I commented on your site, and that you could definitely use some more opinions like those held by many of those blogs members. I also agree with both Sandra and Vanessa’s views above. As far as some of your other entries, hope you can handle getting what you’re asking for! Love the books listed, but there should be some on the topic of this blog entry. MargeLee.

  4. Panty Buns Says:

    Thank you! What a great blog-roll for women. I expect that ALL of their different views will be welcome here and will add the link. Good suggestion with respect to the must-read-books category too. Don’ be a stranger.

  5. Sadie Says:

    Thank you Marge! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that huge lesbian blog-role and the whole parent site http://www.thelesbianlifestyle,com It’s great! I could spend days on end looking at all the sites, personal blogs, entertainment. Wow. What a find! I didn’t get to exploring the rest of this site yet though. I got distracted.

  6. Sadie Says:

    Thanks Marge! That all lesbian blog-roll is a WONDERFUL SITE with a HUGE variety of blogs. I like the personal blogs and I LOVE the parent site too. I could spend weeks looking at it all. I haven’t gotten to the other posts on this site yet but at first glance it looks like I might make a few comments of a different kind on a couple of them. This post is a good one though. I hope you spend more time on this subject. Pay attention, I’m talking to YOU, Panty Buns!

  7. nessa Says:

    Wow, there seems to be a consensus on this. The Lesbian Life Style is a great site. I don’t know how you found it but I think it’s going to be a real winner.

  8. Panty Buns Says:

    Yesterday on June 18th, 2009 President Obama signed a memorandum with respect to the “Defense of Marriage” act that effects GLBT couples who are federal employees. Although President Obama has said he would like to see the act (sometimes called “DOMA” repealed, the memorandum he signed with respect to federal employees doesn’t even come up to the standard of “SEPARATE BUT EQUAL”. Those words, I would think, should be a wake up call. Do you remember how the words “separate but equal” were used as an argument for continued segregation and a fig leaf for inequality? Wake up. Separate is not equal. Gender-based discrimination and sexual-orientation discrimination, age discrimination and other discrimination should not be sanctioned by, much less enforced by any government.

  9. Panty Buns Says:

    Check out Margaret Cho’s official website at She’s an hilarious stand up comedian but has also won awards from both the ACLU
    and NOW for her women’s right’s advocacy. You’ve probably seen her on television, but have you checked out the WordPress Margaret Cho Blog? Do. http://www.margaretcho,com/blog/ She’ll be appearing live in Provincetown, MA in late August but on TV before that. Also try searching Google’s YouTube and searching “Margaret Cho” There’s some entertaining, funny, and thought provoking stuff there.

  10. Panty Buns Says:

    Oops! I put in a comma instead of a period. The Margaret Cho Blog URL is

  11. Panty Buns Says:

    There was a gay pride parade in NYC today. The community is still rightly outraged that non-heterosexual marriages are not yet available in New York. Gay women are doubly discriminated against and non-white lesbians triply so. I wasn’t there, but it would be nice to hear, read or see some first hand accounts from women who were.

  12. Panty Buns Says:

    The URL for Margaret Cho’s Blog has changed. It’s now Some other very entertaining blogs are at and

  13. Marge96 Says:

    On June 17th I started to participate in a survey related to dating and marital relationships at Red Book Magazine on line. By the second page out of numerous pages I’d notice that ALL of the answers to All of the questions listed the partner as male, and that the survey treated heterosexual relationships as the only valid one. I wondered if all Hearst Publications are anti-gay or whether its just their survey company, and was annoyed that I’d gotten sucked into reading their magazine. I emailed them a message:

    Date: June 17, 2009
    Subject: your survey

    Your survey and your magazine seem biased against lesbian couples. Is there a “heterosexuals only” disclaimer somewhere on your site or in your magazine?

  14. Sandra Says:

    The issue of same sex marriage will undoubtedly come before the Supreme Court soon. It would be nice if Congress and the State Legislatures helped them along toward ending officially sanctioned bigotry.