What do you think of a guy modeling panties back view?

Have you seen men wearing panties before? What were your thoughts? Please check out some of the photos of me, Panty Buns, modeling women’s underwear (full-briefs back-view) which are all released into the public domain. What do you think of me male-modeling ladies panties? If you’ve checked the “panty photos” out, I’d love to read your thoughts, comments, suggestions and questions (adult women only, please).

Photo of me male modeling Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau style 13001 Azure Mist nylon full brief panties, back view:


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17 Responses to “What do you think of a guy modeling panties back view?”

  1. Sandra Says:


  2. Vanessa S. Says:

    I just checked out your “panty photos”. It’s hilarious! Do you always wear women’s panties? If being world famous in your ladies undies is what you really want then I hope you get it. Why don’t you post them all (smaller ones) in some of the “categories” here instead of on the “pages so we can make comments about each panty photo individually?. The way you’re sticking your panty clad butt out and holding out a hairbrush or bath-brush in some of them really makes me want to spank you but good. You really are asking for it, but I suspect you’re the one who will wimp out. You’re just really into those embarrassing public humiliation fantasies aren’t you? Why don’t you write more about your fantasies make a panty-modeling video of yourself ? Too bad there’s not an easier link. I’ll just write it here again for people to copy and paste into their browser or email (or post in the ladies rooms of bars like you mentioned): “http://www.sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/?page_id=56″ Too bad you’re such a perve, cause you seem pretty smart otherwise.

  3. Vanessa S. Says:

    Please keep writing and posting. You’ve picked some interesting topics that can use more work.

  4. Marge96 Says:

    Way to go Vanessa! You said a lot of what I was thinking. Come on, Panty Buns, post your panty photos here too! We can all use a good laugh! We want to see those cute old-guy buns in your panty photos on more blog posts.

  5. Sadie Says:

    I think it’s really weird and funny but I hope you keep doing it. I also think you could use a good paddling. Now that’s entertainment!

  6. N. Lynn Says:

    I think it’s disgusting and bizarre. What kind of sicko goes around exposing his ass in women’s underwear on an internet website for every adult woman in the world to see? Pantywaist pervert. You’d better be careful you don’t wind up in jail. I’m sure those sweet panty cheeks of yours would make you a real jail-house honey. Maybe your newfound lesbian friends think it’s funny, but I like real men. Fucking wierdo! You really are an asshole.

  7. Sandra Says:

    N. Lynn, your comment is over the top. You’re entitled to your opinion, and I guess it is unusual, but there’s no need to be so coarse.

  8. Vanessa Says:

    We want more panty-photos.

  9. Gurroulky Says:

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  10. Henta ireomibea Says:

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  11. Hentai belodi Says:

    Much funny!

  12. obshestvo taodyty Says:

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  13. Hentai rust Says:

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  14. Cherry Says:

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  15. Makiyag zar Says:

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  16. Panty Buns Says:

    i would love to find some full brief nylon panties with the same colour and silky soft fabric as the Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Memoir Rose pink nylon briefs male-modeled by me, (misterpantybuns) , in this short YouTube video (click HERE to view on YouTube).

  17. N. Lynn Says:

    What a FAGGOT!