Do you think it’s OK for guys to model ladies panties (back-view)?

How much gender-bias do you think there is with respect to attitudes about a male-modeling ladies panties in comparison to when women model underwear? Had you ever heard of or known about a man wearing ladies panties before?

Photo of man modeling Dixie Belle lace trimmed full brief nylon panties, back view

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7 Responses to “Do you think it’s OK for guys to model ladies panties (back-view)?”

  1. Vanessa S. Says:

    I think it’s great! I love it. Can’t wait to tell my girlfriends. We’re all mature adults. Just so you know, I’m not interested in guys per se but I do like watching. Yeah, I hear or read about guys wearing panties all the time. Most guys don’t do it quite the same way you do though, modeling the back view of your women’s nylon briefs with your face showing. You should get a either better camera or learn how to use the one you have and at least shave your legs first. Did you take the pics yourself or have a girlfriend do it? Keep it up. More pics! Keep showing us your pretty panties!

  2. Marge96 Says:

    Ditto. How about doing a video and some different poses? Just think how much attention you’ll get for your blog if your blog readers can give you all that pantied publicity. Lets see more panty-photos. Until you do or figure out how the only panty photos I’ve seen you in so far are the ones at Come on an show us more right here :-)

  3. Sadie Says:

    Of course there’s gender bias. You have just as much right to model nylon panties as women do. I think you knew damn well there’s overwhelming gender-bias about guys modeling ladies panties and that you’d be humiliating the crap out of yourself. It’s unusual. Do I think it’s OK for a guy to model ladies panties? Absolutely. Embarrass yourself all you want. Post more panty photos of yourself. Lovely!

  4. Sandra Says:

    Yes, I think it’s OK. I found it helpful for my lingerie shopping to see the differnt full-brief panties-modeled before I went shopping. Love your buns.

  5. N. Lynn Says:

    No, I don’t think it’s OK for you in your “panties modeled” to be showing your panty photos all over the internet. Pig.

  6. Vanessa Says:

    Hey, Panty buns! Answer me when I ask you a question. And Marge’s question too. Don’t get discouraged by “N. Lynn”. Where are those other panty-photos I asked about? You’re tardy with your panty-display sequels.

  7. Panty Buns Says:

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    Further Evidence The End is Near: Photo After Photo of an Old Man Wearing Panties and Sometimes Holding Spoons and Brushes!