Congress has been aiding and abetting the avaricious for decades

The financial system has been going down hill for decades. The Senators and Representatives knew of it, knew they could do something about it but did not. The aided and abetted the few at the top whilst the poor became starving “wage slaves”. Please check out the following “Pages” for details on the subject: The_Causes_of_the_Financial_Meltdown-Aided_and_Abetted_by_the_Congress_for_Decades at and The_Looting_of_the_Banks-First_the_Savings_and_Loans,_Then_the_Commercial_Banks at


5 Responses to “Congress has been aiding and abetting the avaricious for decades”

  1. Vanessa S. Says:

    Yeah, I’ve noticed. There’s a heck of a lot of “little people” really hurting. Forget all that college and teachers and war stuff. How about keeping people from being homeless, starving, and freezing next winter?

  2. Vanessa S. Says:

    P/s.: They really need to get the corporate funneled campaign contributions and revolving door between lawmaking and industry in check.

  3. SadieT Says:

    What a shock! (not). K street still runs the hill and the National Association of Broadcasters isn’t about to report on their own pay to play. check out Charles Lewis at He used to work for 60 minutes but the station found the arduous process of extracting the facts and telling the truth to be more boring and expensive than the standard totalitarian drivel, so he was out on his own, I guess lame police-state-advocacy daytime drivel is more inportant that truth. See the Movies “Orwell Rolls in His Grave”, and the Media Educational Foundation’s movie entitled Highjacking Catastrophy. The robbr barron decendants who screwed your granparents are now screwing you, whike your polititions smile, waive, and watch you get the shatfted and the multiple 501 (c) 3 executives funnel your tax dollar “grant” money into all those rich peoples pockets and out of your while you try to pay the piper. What a great ecuse for execs. to loot the system. They’ve been planning it for a long time time now.

  4. Panty Buns Says:

    Please check out the following “Pages” for details on the subject: “The Causes of the Financial Meltdown - aided and abetted by the Congress for decades” at and “The looting of the banks - first the Savings and Loans, then the Commercial Banks.” at

  5. enartuhsmesee Says:

    OMG loved reading your post. I added your feed to my blogreader.