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This post will be (hopefully) added to in the future to include some earlier experiences out in drag, a number of which were with some lesbians I like to think of as my friends and for whom I provided a source of amusement.

Halloween-in-full-drag_1982 Halloween_in_full_drag-1982 Halloween-in-full-drag_1982
I enjoyed this Halloween in lipstick and lingerie even though I hadn’t planned on going an ordinary bar. I’d been headed for a costume party when my car broke down and I had leave the car to be repaired and start making my way home in full drag wearing an Ava Gabor wig, black vinyl high-heeled boots from Tall Town, clip-on earrings, bracelet, necklace and matching black handbag full of makeup including Almay liquid foundation makeup, Stagelight and Revlon eye shadows, L’Oreal lipstick, either Mabelline or CoverGirl mascara and eye liner.
Underneath the red dressy frilly pleated front red blouse and black elastic waist black skirt with black nylon slip I was wearing some very feminine lingerie. I was wearing a red garterbelt from Frederick’s of Hollywood, a black waist-cincher, a black Maidenform long-line bra, black fishnet stockings, and Vanity Fair powder blue see-through full brief women’s nylon panties.
My lingerie wasn’t visible when this photo was taken on Halloween, 1982, but it had been earlier. I was back at the bar with 3 out of 4 of the hysterically laughing women who had been present in the ladies room earlier for the aftermath of my having my slip was outside my skirt. While in the ladies room stall, I had deliberately pulled my skirt up first and then the slip over it. I waited until 4 women had entered the ladies room and were talking by the lavatory sinks and mirror to come out, and then “discovered” that I had my slip outside my skirt. I acted flustered and had to lower both slip and skirt to correct the situation. Naturally I got my waist-cincher, garter-belt, panties and long-line bra out of kilter and had to adjust them too before re-raising the slip and skirt, all of which took me a while with my panties showing to get everything adjusted right. The women burst out in uncontrollable loud laughter. Two of the women were barmaids who posed for this photo afterwards, standing behind both me and one of the other women who’d been in the ladies room for the show. The woman seated at the bar next to me gave me a ride home. I stripped down to my lingerie during the ride, accidentally losing the padding from behind one of my falsies in her car. She declined my offer to come in but stayed to watch me carrying the rest of my outfit as I pranced across the lawn in just my powder blue nylon panties, long line bra, waist-cincher, garter-belt, fishnet stockings and high heeled boots to get to my home’s front door.

Halloween-in-full-drag-1984-85_1 The full brief women’s underwear I was wearing under this outfit had a pastel turquoise color and were very similar to the powder blue vintage pair of Vanity Fair nylon full brief panties I had worn underneath the same outfit in 1982, 1983 and 1984. The closest modern versions of those panties are Vanity Fair style 15712 Ravissant tailored nylon briefs and Vanity Fair style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties with lace insets. Update note: You can see me male-modeling and reviewing the recent version of these briefs in a YouTube video titled “PICT_Male-Models-Vanity_Fair-Azure_Mist-Full-Brief-Panties-6.AVI” I wore this outfit in 1983 and 1984 as well. I’d purchased opera gloves that matched my blouse, the L’Oreal British Redcoat nail polish and lipstick. The brighter shade of blue eyeshadow (I used three colors) was by Stagelight. The liquid base makeup was by Almay, the pressed powder compact, eyeliner and mascara were by CoverGirl although I think I’d used Mabelline in 1982. Early in the evening on Halloween in 1983 in the middle of a bar-room that was as of that time still devoid of patrons I lifted my skirt to show the backside of my powder blue Vanity Fair panties to two bar-maids. When a third bar-maid came by the others wanted me to show her the lingerie too (pantied backside and garter-belt). Down came the elastic-waisted skirt. One of the women suggested that I should attend a bigger Halloween party later at another nearby bar which traditionally had big Halloween parties and suggested that I could do a strip on the piano there. They were great! At the other bar’s Halloween party I “panty-mooned” three women sitting near the piano who laughed and stared. One of them said “we’d like to see the front better!” In subsequent years she teased me when I ran into her, and asked: “What color panties are you wearing today?” I always told her. She knew I wore ladies panties most of the time year round and knew about me having the nickname “Panty Buns” which I’d had since around 1980. I returned to the first bar later that night. As always, I adjusted my waist-cincher, long line bra, panties and garter belt in the bar’s ladies room with an audience. On almost every Halloween and on some New Year’s Eve’s when I was out in drag I managed to find attentive female audiences for my lingerie and panty adjustments in one or more of the ladies rooms in the bars and clubs I visited.

Halloween-in-full-drag-1984-85_2 Halloween-in-full-drag-1984-85_2
Halloween-in-drag-1984-85_2 The women’s underwear worn underneath this outfit: a sheer full brief panty by Vanity Fair like in previous years. The Vanity Fair Style 13001 brand ladies nylon panty is similar to Vanity Fair Style 15712 full brief panties ( I love wearing women’s nylon undies), Ava Gabor wig, the vinyl high heeled boots from Tall Town. L’Oreal nail polish, Revlon lipstick, the opera gloves and the blouse. Frederick’s of Hollywood garter-belt, fishnet stockings, falsies, waist cincher, Maidenform long-line bra and Danskin skirt. To me, the most important part of the outfit is the women’s nylon full brief panty by Vanity Fair. Vanity fair, Maidenform, Kayser, Van Raalte and Vassarette all made classic women’s underwear. I loved trying on and buying the pieces of these outfits back in the 1980’s especially when I got needed assistance in the dressing rooms getting back buttoning blouses buttoned up after trying on skirts and taking them back off so that my Vanity Fair brand ladies nylon panties were on display. The wig was by Ava Gabor, the boots were from Tall Town. Revlon “Cherries in the Snow matching lipstick and nail polish, Revlon “Love That Red” matching lipstick and nail polish, and the bright red L’oreal British Redcoat lipstick and nail polish all went well with the opera gloves and the blouse I wore on Halloween in the years 1982 through 1985. The fishnet stockings, garter-belt and falsies were from Frederick’s of Hollywood. I tried on the waist cincher and long-line bra in the Danskin store where I bought them and the pink wrap-around skater’s skirt which I still haven’t worn out to anyplace (at least not yet anyway).

The full brief panties are clearly visible through the Hanky-Panky petticoat I wore in this photo. They were blue nylon women’s full brief underpants by Vanity Fair. In 1986 I also wore the blue Vanity Fair women’s panties. The ladies panties were somewhat sheer nylon full briefs and the red garter-belt showed even more clearly through the sheer petticoat than did the nylon women’s undies worn with this outfit.The black Maidenform long-line bra and waist cincher were also very visible under the see-through Hanky-Panky lace blouse and with the ladies panties, red Frederick’s garter-belt and another frilly garter made up the women’s lingerie. I visited three different bars during the course of the evening on Halloween of 1986 and won a first prize for best costume at the first bar with this outfit. One woman gave me a brief feel on my backside. I gently guided her hand back onto my bottom and was in heaven for an extended period as she continued feeling and rubbing me gently there for quite a while as I was bent over at the bar kneeling on a barstool. I later danced with a woman who was dressed as a guy with a huge strap-on protruding out of her fly. I wish I had copies of the photos the bar owner took as I was bent over shaking my backside during the dance while my dance partner was pretending to put her strap-on to good use. Maybe that’s what won me the first prize. Another woman, in a cat costume showed me HER black panties and then asked whether I was into humiliation. She said she had a girlfriend who was into humiliating guys and would be willing to leave me stranded at a distant highway rest stop in just my panties. I chickened out at the time but ever since I’ve had fantasies about being stranded in just a blouse and panties or even securely tied or locked in place in some place far from home where lots of adult women would see me and photos might make the news. Just before I left the bar I was approached by three women, one of whom hooked her fingers under my garter-belt and felt my lingerie. They asked me to please stay. I kind of wished I had later, but then again who knows how life would have turned out?

Halloween-in-full-drag-1986_87_2 Halloween-in-full-drag-1986-1987_2
Halloween-in-full-drag-1987-1987_2 Preparing to go out to the bars in my Hanky Panky cap sleeve white lace top, red opera gloves, knee high high black vinyl high heeled boots, sheer petticoat, and an apron to provide some coverage in the front. The powder blue Vanity Fair full brief nylon panties, Frederick’s red garterbelt, black stockings showed clearly through the petticoat and provided a good view from the rear of the assorted lingerie. With my lingerie so visible through my sheer black Hanky Panky petticoat going out in public and to the bars took some courage. At one bar a woman said “You’re really brave”. While buying the various parts of the outfit I had thoroughly enjoyed trying on the black lace babydoll, cap sleeve lace top, pink, black and red lace panties, and bought a cat-o’nine tails from among the toys they sold while having fantasies of women using it on my backside. At the first bar I visited on on Halloween of 1986? I’d grabbed the barstool next to an attractive woman and quickly got into my usual pose…. kneeling on the bar-stool, bent over with my elbows on the bar. Soon the woman next to me gave my behind a few firm squeezes and a goose and said” “Hey, sweetie! I like your underwear! I flushed with embarrassment briefly but it’s a still a turn on when a woman enjoy feeling power over a man who is vulnerable, embarrassed and starting to squirm, knowing she’s the one in control. A couple of other women tried to be inconspicuous and casual as they slowly walked by to get a look and then back again. I heard one woman whisper to another: “He’s wearing a red garter belt!”. I swiveled on the stool to ask the woman tending bar if she could see my panties. When she answered “No.” I lowered the petticoat and then asked her again. After that bar closed we all went to another establishment that still had a big Halloween party going on. While buying the various parts of the outfit I had thoroughly enjoyed trying on the black lace babydoll, cap sleeve lace top, pink, black and red lace panties, cat-o’nine tails (hoping some woman might give me a good spanking) and two pairs, one black and one white of very fluffy ruffled and very sheer Hanky Panky petticoats. The saleswoman was very accommodating and put up with me coming out of the dressing rooms to model each of my purchases. I loved trying on and modeling all the lingerie.

Halloween-in-full-drag_1988 Halloween-1988-in-full-drag Halloween, 1988 was my first Halloween sober, but I still went out to a local bar to show off. Those are fuchsia Vanity Fair brand Ravissant full brief nylon panties, and a black garter-belt showing clearly through my Hanky Panky white tiered sheer petticoat. As usual I wore the Ava Gabor wig, red opera gloves, black vinyl high heeled boots, and back seamed black nylon stockings. The Hanky Panky sheer white cap sleeve lace top revealed my black waist-cincher and black long line bra. I had a perception, whether real or imagined, that a few of the men were disapproving or hostile,but almost without exception women definitely loved to look and would stare for periods of time checking out the details of the lingerie I was wearing, especially if they thought I didn’t notice. A group of three women gathered behind me to stare and whispered to each other for half an hour or so checking out the fuchsia Vanity Fair brand Ravissant full brief nylon panties and black garter-belt under my petticoat. While I was trying and buying the White Hanky Panky brand petticoat I came out of the dressing room to model it and again in panties to model a blouse or two. I had a copy of this photo framed and they let me hang it on the wall in the bowling alley where I bowled in a mixed league. One of the things I liked about going out in drag is that women seem to get much more aggressive with a guy when they see that he is very vulnerable and are more prone to putting their hands on him wherever they want to see how it feels. Have you ever noticed how in today’s sexist society men disparage women for being promiscuous by calling them sluts, while hypocritically bragging of their own conquests? I have ask myself: “Am I being a slut?”

Halloween-in-full-drag-1989_1Halloween-in-full-drag_1989_1 Halloween 1989 was yet another one where I managed to get up the nerve to humiliate myself by going out to a local bar for a Halloween party wearing black Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau style 13001 full brief nylon panties with lace insets along with black back seamed fishnet nylon stockings and extra garter showing clearly under an extremely sheer Hanky Panky brand petticoat, a sheer white Hanky Panky cap sleeve lace top revealing the black waist-cincher and long line bra, an Ava Gabor wig, white apron, black vinyl boots and a black purse absolutely crammed with makeup. This was the first of the Polaroid photos I took of myself after another sober night out at a bar drinking straight cranberry juice. The woman tending bar and her sister both went had fits of loud, raucous hysterical laughter. I won 2nd prize for best costume that night only because they said it wouldn’t be right to give me first prize for a second time. I heard one of the local guys was quite mortified to find out I was a guy because he was attracted to me. He told me I should be ashamed of myself for going out dressed like that. On one previous halloween I’d had a mishap while rummaging through my purse looking for the right lipstick to do a touch up. A bottle of red nail nail polish broke in the purse. What a mess! The smell was overpowering. I wound up getting a new purse, which unfortunately was smaller, after I made the mistake of putting mothballs in with my luggage. It was during a trip out to California to co-star (on the receiving end) in a professionally made spanking movie in which I received a 100 percent real and severe spanking from two gorgeous women. The director was also a famous star in that genre. Mothball are bad for vinyl and elastic. I had bought bit of new new makeup (which I needed anyway) for the subsequent years, but hung on to the old one complete with my old makeup collection.

Halloween-in-full-drag_1989_2Halloween-in-full-drag_1989_2 On Halloween of 1989 underneath the cap sleeve lace top and the flimsy flouncy sheer petticoat of this outfit I was wearing a black long-line bra and waist cincher with red satin garterbelt, black fishnet stockings extra garter, and lace trim women’s full brief black nylon panties make up the lingerie. I was wearing the usual Ava Gabor wig, Tall Town patent leather boots, red opera gloves, clip on earrings, bracelet, necklace, and had a handbag absolutely full of makeup. It was the second time I’d gone to an Halloween party where I’d danced with a woman who was costumed as a guy. She said she had a really big dildo at home. I wondered whether she really did or was just teasing and playing with me. Naturally I took advantage of her apparent interest to let her have an unfettered view of the backside of my panties by lifting my petticoat. The bar had a set of stairs with an open railing that I leaned back on. An unusual number of people were staring for a while I looked down to see my apron on the floor. Someone on the stairs behind me had gently untied it so that everyone could see the front view. One of my Halloween’s out dressed like a woman grabbed and squeezed my bicep and let me know she found the man’s body under all that feminine attire attractive. I’ve never had women be so aggressive when dressed as a guy. “I like your slip”, said a laughing woman as she left the bar later that evening.

Halloween-in-full-drag_1989_3Halloween-in-full-drag_1989_3 Presenting a frequently seen pose when I was out and about in drag and all to often inviting women to give me a sound spanking. If you look closely you can tell that these were a vintage pair of Vanity Fair full brief nylon panties. The curved rear seam of the more generous gusset did cause a panty line (which I liked) it also provided more protection and a fantastic fit. The quite sheer Dupont Diaphanique fabric of the vintage style 13001 was not nearly as sheer as the wonderful sheer full briefs style 1004 by Nancy King Lingerie which are sold at Lingerie Outlet Though the nylon mesh is very sheer and the gusset more generous (curved rear seam), though not quite as generous as the Wise Buys nylon full brief panties sold at Maidenform , I haven’t yet found a panty that matches the luxurious silky softness and comfortable supportive fit without ride-up of Vanity Fair’s Perfectly Yours Ravissant style 15712 full brief nylon panties. which are available at HerRoom , JCPenney , ShopNational , Sears , and Macy’s . Vanity Fair’s modern style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties with their triangular lace insets are a little bit sheer, soft and pretty but not quite as full cut or nearly as sheer as the vintage style 13001 briefs they replaced which were made with Dupont’s Diaphanique - in my opinion the ultimate nylon fabric for women’s panties. Unfortunately the more vibrant feminine colors are extremely hard to find recently. They used to just fly off the racks. I wonder when the manufactures will become aware of the demand and make them again? You can tell by the curved rear seam of the gusset that those are classic Vanity Fair Panties under my sheer Hanky-Panky petticoat. My long line Maidenform bra, waist cincher from Danskin, and Frederick’s Red-trimmed garter-belt got a fair amount of attention out in the bars.. but I’d gotten sober and didn’t go home with anyone. My high heeled boots were from Tall Town. Just a reminder.. this blog is for ADULT WOMEN ONLY, please?


6 Responses to “Halloweens-in-full-drag”

  1. Vanessa S. Says:

    Wow, you were gorgeous in drag. Do you still get dressed up? How much of an “ADULT” site is this? You’re really confessing a lot, but I have a feeling there are much more graphic descriptions of your experiences you could write about. How completely have you taken on the female role? Have you had women use a strap-on with you? Ever been ramrodded? I hope so so you could know what greek feels like when a guy is selfish and not gentle. but like I said, I’m not interested in guys. Are you going to keep righting about the other Halloweens?

  2. Sadie Says:

    You looked hot in that 1988 photo. You should stay dressed in full drag all the time. I like Vanessa’s comments.I hope you complete your confessions from the earlier “Halloweens-in-full-drag”. When did you first want to dress like a girl? Have you thought about a sex change?

  3. Panty Buns Says:

    To Vanessa: Thank you. I haven’t been out in full drag in quite a while. This is ABSOLUTELY an adult site, and if anyone reading this is a minor, I would suggest they install a program like “cyber-nanny” or have their parents do it for them. The answer to your other questions are all “yes”.
    To Sadie: It was early in my childhood that I had the desire to dress up, but not until I was college age that I got up the courage to buy my first pair of panties. Yes, I thought very seriously and for a long time about having a sex change, or at least taking hormones. I find my own gender disgusting, but in a way I have the best of both worlds as it is.

  4. Maggie Says:

    I think you looked much better in drag, you should have electrolysis and take some hormones. It sounds like there are some women out there who would like to do something to those inconvenient parts of yours. I love it that you are posting more thumbnail panty-photos of yourself, but I wish you’d shave your legs first and then take some better ones. Keep showing your panties in those panty-photos of yours, Panty Buns! Let’s see them in a video! And add some new ones on your panty page, http://www.sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/?page_id=56 As for the Halloweens-in-full-drag, I’m still waiting for you to tell us about your earlier excursions in drag with your lesbian friends. Love your site. It’s funny and entertaining.

  5. Susie Says:

    I don’t see any accounts or photos of you in full drag that are recent like your panty photos are. What’s the matter? Have you gotten too lazy to shave your legs and do your makeup? When are you going to write about the earlier experiences in drag you referred to near the beginning of this post with the lesbians you amused and considered friends?

  6. Panty Buns Says:

    Your right. I’ve been lazy. I’ve been meaning to write about The Chateau, Peaches, Feathers, The Dutchess and more. I should be flogged for my tardiness. Oh well, Que Sara Sara.