Women are genetically superior to men (for adult women)

Men are disgusting pigs and are genetically, mentally, and emotionally inferior to women. The “Y” chromosome is defective. Cognition of this fact should occur with the most rudimentary examination of hereditary disorders and diseases. Genes which are recessive, such as the one for sickle-cell anemia, the gene for color blindness, and on and on ad infinitum manifest themselves in men whereas while women carry the recessive trait it does not manifest due to the second “X” chromosome. The “X” chromosome is superior to the “Y” chromosome.

This becomes even more apparent when examining the psychological “cave man” syndrome (ugh). Males try to pass off this primal, belligerent, and often obstreperous behavior as being “macho”. In reality it’s just stupid. Take me for example. At least I recognize that I’m a member of the inferior gender, but I still have the typical male problem of thinking with the wrong head. That means, of course, that my decisions in life are made with a fraction of my intelligence and intellectual capacity as my brain is divided between the two heads. Introspective cogitation is generally not in their repertoire. At least I realize there’s good reason for the punishment I both deserve and ask for from women. Most men think with the wrong head and have too much ego to recognize their deficiencies. Women, on the other hand, unfortunately, have been subjected to societal brainwashing and male bullying for eons. They all too often submit to the wishes of these selfish brutal males who promote, start and glorify wars. Without women’s practicality and relatively clear thinking males would probably manage to extinct our species and several others along with it.

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3 Responses to “Women are genetically superior to men (for adult women)”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Both articulate and oh so true. You wanted comments? You got them.

  2. Vanessa S. Says:

    No doubt about it. Women are superior. By the way, PANTY BUNS, you are a bit of a male pig sexually in spite of your intellectual enlightenment. I really hope some dominant woman gets a hold of you and spanks you but good!

  3. Marge96 Says:

    Yes, it’s true. I think the title of your site is a better purpose than the one you mention at the end there though. It’s apparently true that you sometimes think with your penis though.