NSFW Funny Weird free Happy New Year photo eCard

Disclaimer: This post is tongue in cheek. Please read, look, watch and share in the context of its intent to be light-hearted funny weird quirkily sexy? entertainment and comedy - so when you share it an accompanying “LMAO” would be appropriate.

A funny weird Happy New Year Photo eCard titled:

“Happy New Year Sweetie Try Wearing Ladies Panties To Stop Adjusting Yourself in Public”


FunnieOrDieVideo: “Why Women Should Demand That Men Wear Ladies Panties NSFW”

MOV-Why-Women-Should-Demand-That-Men-Wear-Ladies-Panties-NSFW-.AVI - watch more funny videos

Transcript: “Hi. This question is for women trying to have relationships with men who act very macho. Have you ever had problems being embarrassed by your man, scratching himself or adjusting his man parts in public? Do you know why they do that? It’s because their underwear is uncomfortable. Men’s briefs tend to be very scratchy and coarse material and their leg bands are made of an inferior elastic. Also men who wear boxers, their man parts tend to go down one leg. Now if you’ve ever had your man cheat on you and tried to give him a good kick in his man-parts and missed because it was, they weren’t where you thought they’d be? Here’s a solution, I think. Convince him that you would like it if he tried wearing some ladies panties. They’re so much more comfortable, for him, and they’re silky-soft, they hold his man-parts in place, and he won’t have any reason to scratch, or, adjust himself in public. Not only that, but then if he cheats on you, and you go to kick him in his man parts? You won’t miss. This video is released into the public domain.”

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