So What’s the story with why the episode of Sesame Street with Katy Perry was cancelled? Reportedly it was because of negative feedback they received, but the negative feedback wasn’t disclosed leaving us to speculate:

Oh, no! It’s an attractive woman with breasts singing and dancing! Eek!

There seems to be no limit to what these prudes will try to censor, whether it’s me or Katy Perry. What if someone’s ankle shows (gasp!). Apparently someone thought there was too much cleavage (under the fine mesh of her outfit) or that she seemed too sexy. Why do PBS, Google, Apple, Youtube, Facebook and Flickr knuckle under to the hypocritical manufactured pressure from fundamentalists, ideologues, theocrats and their techno-spammed hate campaigns?

Was the negative feedback related to previous big hit by Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl?

One wonders whether they might have had horrible headaches at Sesame Street trying to decide whether they should have hired a transvestite to avoid having cleavage or conversely since Katy Perry was asking Elmo whether he wanted to play “Dress Up” may have worried that people who have Transphobia might be perturbed. Many bigots harbour intense hatred and loathing for trans-gendered, transsexuals, transvestites, cross-dressers etc..

Speaking of hypocrisy, Someone at the Mercury News pointed out that Elmo wasn’t wearing any pants!

Maybe the top executives were afraid someone would catch them ogling Katy Perry’s breasts. Are they going to refrain from coverage of candidate O’Donnell due to her having cleavage? After all, theocratic Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell does show more cleavage than Katy Perry did in the Sesame Street video that got pulled.

Look out Miss Piggy, Katie might want to play with Kermit! What’s the deal here? The song and the skit are adorable. Who will be censored next? Snow White? Alice in Wonderland?

Katy Perry sings “Hot N Cold” with Elmo on Sesame Street!”

It was excellent timing that Katy Perry appeared on Saturday Night Live soon after the censorship had reared it’s ugly head at PBS. Katy performed “Teenage Dream” on Saturday Night Live Sept. 25, 2010. Katy and her back-up singers wore outfits that looked a bit like school uniforms. The hemlines of the tiered red skirts were high enough to reveal the black panties underneath to be frequently visible during the performance.
Not only are panty-revealing outfits very much in vogue, but the song but the lyrics fro the refrain of chorus “Don’t ever look back, Don’t ever look back” gave me a feel-good feeling as well.

Thankfully for the most part the fashionista, GLBT and feminist communities have rejected censorship. That doesn’t mean there aren’t right wing-nuts posing as feminists who want to censor everything. For them I would suggest that they think about the hard struggle for equal rights and privileges for women and how censoring people based on gender is not feminist at all.

Maybe it’s the fact that i have found myself on the receiving end of censorship that i am so sensitive to it.

You Tube has aided and abetted the “YouTube’s user community” in the perpetration of sex discrimination and the committing of defamation by allowing the video titled: PICT_Male-Models-Vanity-Fair-Rose-Pink-Full-Brief-Panties-2.AVI: video to be FALSE-FLAGGED and failing to un-flag it after this wrongful flagging was brought to their attention.

The continuing libel accompanying the demand for people to have an account and sign in to see this video appears when someone clicks on the video and states:

“This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube’s user community.”

Here is the TRANSCRIPT from the flagged video is titled: PICT_Male-Models-Vanity-Fair-Rose-Pink-Full-Brief-Panties-2.AVI:

“The ladies full brief nylon panties that I’m wearing right now are Vanity Fair’s Memoir Rose Style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties. I love these panties and the color especially, which I wish that they still made. Um, as you can see, the gusset has a straight across rear seam, unlike the classic vintage Vanity Fair Style 13001 briefs which were manufactured years ago. These are my favorite panties.”

YouTube and Google are noticed and are fully aware that this video was flagged SOLEY because of my gender. If I had been female this video would not be flagged.

Failure to un-flag this video would be affirmatively negligent and evidence of intent to knowingly continue the defamation motivated by sex discrimination - a hate crime.

If YouTube were to try tto defend this false flagging it would fly in the face of President and CEO Eric Schmidt’s recent claims at his interview with the Wall Street Journal that he opposes censorship and would by implication make him out to be a liar.

It would also bolster the credibility of the French Court in Paris that recently convicted Google and it’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, of defamation.

Perhaps the entire construct of how access and control of the internet is being co-opted and controlled, by whom, and the premises of the basic setups should be re-examined. I believe the internet should be for adults,that unfiltered searching should be the default setting, and that if people want to control what they or their children can view then they should be the ones bearing the burden of installing filtering programs like Cyber-Nanny or programs that censor stuff for THEIR OWN viewing only, not for everyone else’s. I myself have no interest whatsoever in viewing or being viewed by people who are not adults and greatly resent it whenever I feel that my viewing or being viewed is being limited by narrow minded selfish bigots who place their agenda or avaricious desires above the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments, the Bill of Rights.

Let the un-american prudes who advocate censorship be the ones who have to accept cookies, as in WARNING: PRUDE. Let the advocates of freedom have the more secure cookie free safe from virus setups. Let the right wing-nuts, theocrats and prudes be relegated to the limited niche of hackery, censorship, deceit, lies, history re-writing and prejudice that is their comfort zone - all in their own little bubble.

There is no reason the rest of the world should have to abide by their prejudices.

Here is the video titled “PICT_Male-Models-Vanity-Fair-Rose-Pink-Full-Brief-Panties-2.AVI” that YouTube requires people to sign in to see, stating:

“This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube’s user community.”

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  2. Jenise Gilbride Says:

    russell brand beat up some paparazzi that was trying to put a camera up katy perry’s skirt!

  3. ca movers Says:

    Lady Gaga and Katy Perry should totallybe doing a perforancetogether. How extraordinarywould that be?!

  4. Sandra Says:

    Katy Perry is cute. I like watching and listening to her videos. I like the video of you in your pink panties too. Some people are really closed minded. Censoring that Katy Perry Video was stupid. That Christine O’Donnell is scary and don’t care what she does or doesn’t wear. I understand you hating censorship and being mad if it’s you getting censored. What’s the deal with you wanting women to see you in panties? I think your video has helpful information for people who are shopping for panties but what do you get out of that? You do realize it’s a little unusual for men to model panties don’t you? You are aware that people are laughing at you, right? Don’t you feel a little embarrassed sometimes? Oh, yeah, I forgot. You want that, don’t you?

  5. Marge Says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! You look gorgeous “male-modeling”those deep pink ladies panties on YouTube. I got your comment. What an exhibitionist! I was thought about accommodating you and re-posting your video but unbelievably YouTube won’t even let me watch it unless I open an account with them. I’m glad you embedded it so people can see what you’re talking about otherwise they might not know. I agree that if you were a woman your video probably wouldn’t bother anybody, but YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN. YOU ARE OLD MAN POSTING PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF YOURSELF WEARING LADIES NYLON PANTIES. It wouldn’t surprise me if the people objecting to Katy Perry’s costume also object to seeing men wearing panties. Even though you have a right to do it and a point about the discrimination - BUT - I agree with Sandra. I’ll be ROTFLMFAO if the paparazzi get onto you. Lots of luck with that panty modeling career of yours! I do hope you get famous. That would be funny. P.S.: THOSE ARE LOVELY PANTIES YOU’RE WEARING in that video.

  6. SadieT Says:

    You did ask for it when you commented on my blog. Check out my post about you: Older Man “Modeling” Panties Complains. Are you happy now?

  7. Tanika Driskell Says:

    she was amazing in Italy! Go Katy!

  8. Kathlene Panchana Says:

    Although she has a strange style, but she has a great voice as well:)