Right Wing Strategy: Divide And Conquer (Editorial)

Beware! The prudes are coming and the tidbits below are just a tiny sample of the issues they hope to use to take power.

The effects of the multi-pronged election strategies by the far right wing to get a stranglehold on government have become much more visible in the wake of the primary elections held on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010. Along with the usual suppression and disenfranchisement techniques and there were also more conversions to the less transparent or verifiable computerized voting in this Primary Election - shades of things to come as history’s lessons go ignored. There were also the effects of the Supreme Court having further weakened or obliterated campaign finance regulations that were like swiss cheese to begin with. Another large factor was undoubtedly the discouragement evident nation-wide which reduced voter turnout. With all this as a backdrop the stage was set for the far right to trot out the “hot button” or “wedge issues” that it knew would energize its base and get them out to the polls. Rather than have you too focused on the fact that you are “losing your jobs, your houses and your civil rights” they pound away at the issues of “abortion, affirmative action, economy, immigration, and marriage equality” to divide the feminist movement and then conquer at the polls.

This following YouTube video titled “Framing Feminism - Hot Buttons by Lorraine Sheinberg, Written and Narrated by Susan Rubin” was uploaded by the Feminist Majority Foundation.

We can see this strategy at work in the campaign of Christine O’Donnell, who, as the president and founder of the S.A.L.T. (Saviour’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth) , argues that masturbating is committing adultery. She claims that people can’t masturbate without lust in their hearts and that lust outside of marriage is committing adultery. She also argues for a literal interpretation af the Bible’s Book of Genesis and the teaching of creationism in the schools.

Here is an embed of that YouTube video of Christine O”Donnell arguing that masturbation is adultery. It had been aired on MSNBC and uploaded by tpmtv as seen on talkingpoints memo dot com

In keeping with Orwellian tradition, the “Tea Party” claims to be the cure for the very ills they and their ilk have been bringing down on us for decades if not centuries. Be wary of authoritarians promising freedom and rich people promising empowerment.

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2 Responses to “Right Wing Strategy: Divide And Conquer (Editorial)”

  1. Panty Buns Says:

    Even as Republican neocons are beginning to rally around her and harp on the “wedge” and “hot button” issues, more and more of Christine O’Donnell’s crazy quotes and video clips are coming to light. Bloggers are starting to look into who and what the “Tea Party” Senatorial candidate candidate from the State of Delaware is, and people who know her are sharing the wealth. We can undoubtedly look forward to learning about and observing more of her radical right wing blather in the near future. Her bigotry, narrow-mindedness, campaigns for authoritarian homophobic theocracy, desire for censorship and government regulation of bedroom activities makes the artistic reminder on the Homepage of the Feminists For Free Expression about how insidious censorship is all the more important to take note of.

  2. Lucy Says:

    Wow there are some nut jobs out there.

    For me, watching my boyfriend masturbate is often more fun than the sex itself.
    I saw an interesting and amusing lecture on TED a while back where a biologist (can’t remember her name) said that sperm is healthier in men who ejaculate regularly. So for this reason alone, men should be strongly encouraged to masturbate. And the word “strongly encouraged” is quite relative in my books…