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Since so few people are taking note of the Comment Policy I am presenting it again as a main page post.

Simply comment on the topic of the post and don’t include links to illegal stuff. How hard is that?

Comments on this website are moderated. If you have made a legitimate comment and it has not yet been posted, THANK YOU for your comment! Please be patient as it sometimes takes me a while to get to them. Please do not SPAM. Unfortunately I often have to delete more than 150 spam comments per day. I love getting genuine non-spam comments, even nasty ones. To increase your chances of getting your comment posted please note:

Legitimate comments get great latitude since censorship is deplored here. Offensive and derogatory comments do get published including colorful language.

Promotion of illegal stuff is not allowed unless, in the sole discretion of the administrator it is Constitutionally protected free expression and the laws are unconstitutional.

The same goes for links. Please do not submit URLs for illegal activity.

SPAM gets deleted. If your comment does not have some relation to the post under which it was submitted it will be deleted. Some self-promotion is okay, but comments with little or no content and tons of links and html are more likely to be deleted.

Generic comments are spam. Generic comments and comments unrelated to the posts will be deleted and/or marked as spam.

I reserve the right, as administrator, to edit SPAM and fuck around with it or add editorial comments to any pro-censorship political hackery. With that said,

This is a free speech site and chances are your non-spam comments will be published. Good commenters are more likely to get links. Thank you for your patience.


3 Responses to “Comment Policy”

  1. Panty Buns Says:


    The following spammer is relentless and needs to be blacklisted. Despite having marked hundreds of their identical link filled “comments” being marked as spam, they continue spamming day and night. Comment moderation lists the spammer as:

    Author: Doosef (IP:,

    E-mail: ertoo9po98 (at)

  2. Panty Buns Says:

    Said spammer also uses the names Dooseb, Doosev, Doosed, etc..

  3. Mister Panty Says:


    All email and comments originating from IP: are SPAM. Recently this spammer started using the name Knorway.