The Internet Free Speech Ruling Prudes Want Overturned

On 06/26/1997 The Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) ruled in Reno_v._ACLU, Case No. 96-511, that cyberspace will be free - the ACLU and free speech prevailed. A coalition of dogmatic authoritarian prudes have been trying to get the ruling overturned or its effects nullified ever since. For more information about that ruling see:


16 Responses to “The Internet Free Speech Ruling Prudes Want Overturned”

  1. Panty Buns Says:

    For more information about the ruling in Reno v. ACLU, Case No. 96-511 see:

  2. SadieT Says:

    I’m glad your starting to touch on your blog’s stated mission. A blog for ADULT WOMEN examining prudes versus freedom of the press. I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I’ve been lately to be confronted with the OUTRIGHT HYPOCRISYof two of the blog hosts I started out to write blogs on. One of them,, solicits plenty of COMMERCIAL and ADULT businesses while they are giving blog memberships out like candy to children at the same time. Then they turn around and use PRIOR CENSORSHIP of ALL of the blogs. It seems like adult topics are fine as long as they’re selling something. Heaven forbid they should try to have a variety of ratings on blogs. All the adult discussion needs to be dumbed down. The other gripe I have is with another site that’s full of all kinds of dildo, butt plug, and adult advertising links. In fact I think there are a lot more links and advertisements than real content. That one advertises as all lesbian but they too cater to children and seemed to me to push the right wing pro-life pro-war agenda. Their editor posts a combination of photos of dildoes, vibrators, men and little children all over the place. Then if someone wants to write a little female supremacy stuff, suddenly that’s not in accordance with her site’s mission. Google doesn’t help with their search options either. Either you compromise the security features of your computer and get XXX porn or else you get “safe” (READ CENSORED) palpum. I HATE TO SAY IT BUT IT SEEMS THAT FOR GOOGLE AND THE OTHER INTERNET SEARCH ENGINES AND HOSTS MONEY AND PRUDISHNESS trump the right of adults to choose their company and to have a free press. G, PG, or XXX. Apparently NON-COMMERCIAL ADULT R RATED BLOGS ARE NOT PROFITABLE ENOUGH so free speech gets trashed.

  3. Panty Buns Says:

    I’d been meaning to eventually write about that but I was going to make the suggestion to Google first. You’re right. At the moment “safe” search really means censored search and has absolutely nothing to do with security or much of anything except sexually oriented puritanism. As far as violence or images of killing go, those are apparently considered safe. Some people consider education about birth control and condoms unsafe, but the spread of AIDS due to ignorance is apparently safe..

  4. Panty Buns Says:

    I have no doubt, Sadie, that you were attempting to oblige my pleas and dares for adult women to make me famous with my free panty photos of myself, Panty Buns, in my full brief ladies panties modeled back view and to comment. You know I dared all adult women to copy, share and publish the free panty photos at and to copy, share, post and publish any or all of the free panty photos or even the entire page at So it sounds like you’ve been unsuccessful. Thanks for trying. at least you’re not a chicken. Thanks for the info on that bad link. As far as goes, I suspect you ran in to one of those sham imitation sites. I may consider letting you do a guest post here.

  5. Vivalkakira Says:

    Your blog was of course amazing again even though it was terrifying for me to read what happened to you.You turned what could have been a very bad thing into something funny and positive. Do take care. Also your live radio news broadcast was also amazing.I love you xoxox

  6. blondinkaya Says:

    Nice post — this really hits home for me.

  7. Vogplalge Says:

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  8. golYterW Says:

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  9. Kolyewe Says:

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  10. lokyrte Says:

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  11. hjeryew Says:

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  12. Polytrew Says:

    Было бы отлично, если бы сайтов таких было бы побольше спасибо! Удачи и процветания Вашему сайту и конечно же его создателям во веки веков )))

  13. Vogplalge Says:

    I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!

  14. Mia Says:

    I think SadieT is right, although I was still surprised even as I was reading it. I guess because I don’t write a lot of adult, rated R stuff I often don’t see that people who do, can’t.

    I find it interesting that they’ll advertise adult material BUT should you want to talk about it, it’s an issue. Such hypocrisy. Hypocrites annoy me to no end!

  15. Panty Buns Says:

    You bring up and interesting point, Mia. It seems there is no good niche or forum for intelligent or intellectual discussion of R-rated or adult subjects on the internet. Either it all gets censored and dumbed down to a level that would be acceptable to a prude for viewing by the children they are trying to brainwash, or else it gets lumped into the same category as hardcore sex-only no intellect stuff. It seems crystal clear to me that THE REASON HARDCORE ADS AND HIGHLY CENSORED SPEECH are both promoted by the internet giants is because ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY. It’s about their misconceptions about what will be good for their bottom line. The right wing prude wackos have a massively funded system of spamming their agenda. They are good with computers and gaming the system. The porn industries pay big bucks. People who provide diversity, thoughtful but unpopular or controversial speech and expression get left out in the cold. Those who criticize internet and media censorship seem to get “DISAPPEARED”. It is Orwellian. “Big Brother” employs “doublethink” and decides for everyone else what convenient-for-the-moment lies they should believe each day. You are right. THEY ARE HYPOCRITES. They promote nude or pantied photos of under-age girls and then censor photos of pantied adult males. There is no consistency. Maybe they felt they had to start censoring women breast feeding their children because before the courts threw out the fine after they had made such a big deal about Janet Jackson’s breast showing. We all know the truth. It was about what they used to call SEDITION. They were offended because of the idea of any intimacy involving a black woman with a white man. Similarly there was a disproportionate outcry over the Superbowl television adverisement featuring the actress from Desperate Housewives with Terrel Owens. When she dropped the towel we didn’t see any actual nudity. It was the fact that it suggested intimacy between a white woman and a black man. While it not be overtly stated, RACISM and SEXISM ARE STILL ENDEMIC IN AMERICA.

  16. Nippits Says:

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