What do you look for in a panty?

What qualities do you look for in full brief women’s underwear? The comfort of the particular full-brief ladies nylon panties? The fit of full-brief women’s-nylon-underpants? The sexiness of a sheer-nylon-panty? if there is lace trim in or on the ladies-briefs, whether it is inset or not? The stitching of the seams of the women’s briefs? The pattern and cut and size of the gusset of the women’s-undies? The feel of the nylon or silk fabric of the ladies-panty? Out of the following brands, which do you prefer? Dixie_Belle, Maidenform, Vanity Fair, Nancy King, WinterSilks, LandsEnd, other? Would you consider making comments about the qualities you see or like about each of these pairs brands and styles pictured in the free photos of various pairs of ladies panties male modeled, back view on this site at http://www.sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/?page_id=56 or being male-modeled in the videos uploaded to YouTube on Mister Panty Bun’s Channel?

Male Models Vanity Fair Rose Pink Full Brief Panties - YouTube


6 Responses to “What do you look for in a panty?”

  1. Marge96 Says:

    For myself I love how comfortable those nylon granny panties feel when I wear them. What I want to see in the looks of those panties is your bottom in those panty photos of yours you keep talking about. I want to be able to SEE the quality of the panties RIGHT HERE entered into all these posts of yours- you know, the ones you keep mentioning at http://www.sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/?page_id=56 Come on, Panty Buns, post more panty pics of yourself, please. I want to see it.

  2. Sadie Says:

    I look for all of the qualities you mentioned in your post. With respect to the looks of the “panties-modeled-back_view” that you asked about the looks of, you failed to include any panty photos of yourself modeling the the “sheer full panty” from Nancy King Lingerie. Where are those panty photos? When are you going to post them here? If a woman’s wearing full briefs instead of a thong, then like them to be sheer panties so I can see her crack. I think you should wear sheer ones so women can see your ass cheeks turn red through your panties if they spank you. Why don’t you call one of those dominatrixes and arrange to get taught a lesson on video or podcast?

  3. Sandra Says:

    Yes, I’m making comments about the panties-modeled-back-view right now. What I look for in a panty is a good full cut that won’t ride up on me. I like different panties for comfort and am mindful of what they look like in case they show or in case I have a hot date. I also prefer a fuller cut gusset as you do, but unlike you I don’t go out of my way to have panty-lines. Judging by looking at your panty-photos, from among the panties-modeled the fullest cut panties appear to be the Dixie Bell feminine lace trim full-brief panties-modeled, the Maidenform Wise Buys full-brief panties-modeled, and the vintage Vanity Fair panties-modeled. The Vanity Fair Ravissant panties have the softest feel and are extremely comfortable. You cant tell how a panty feels just by looking at the panties-modeled.

  4. N. Lynn Says:

    Not you.

  5. Vanessa Says:

    I agree with Sandra about comfort, fit and feel. I like to shop in store, so I can buy just one pair if they won’t let me try them on first and then buy some more if I like them. The Vanity Fair Ravissant panties seem to be the smoothest and softest so far. Some of the on-line stores do let send them back if they don’t fit. Hey, “N. Lynn” —- it seems to me you’re checking out Panty Buns’ panty-photos an awful lot for someone who claims they don’t like to see him modeling ladies panties. You obviously looked at his panty-photos more than once.

  6. Panty Buns Says:

    You can get a better look at some of the ladies full brief panties i love to wear and male-model on my YouTube channel (misterpantybuns).