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Friday, October 15th, 2010

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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

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The joy of shopping for makeup and cosmetics today

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

What with all the different Cosmetics companies and the wide array of fine products out there today it can be a little overwhelming looking at all those lovely colors, thinking which shades would go well with which outfits. One could check out the big fancy makeup kits in the stores, all the fine brushes, lipsticks, liquid base foundation, pressed powder compacts, different mascaras (extending, thickening, separating, curling, waterproof, etc.) eyeliners, nail polish and more. Or one could jump back and forth between the on line retailers but depending on the item, sometimes it’s convenient to shop at one of the big department stores like J C Penney, Sears, or Macy’s. How do you decide on which makeup to buy while you’re perusing the makeup at the stores? Have you checked out makeup at all of these sites? there’s aome nice makeup available today sold at some of these sites. It would be fun to try them all and have a good system for picking colors that not only go well with each other, but match the outfit(s) for the next time I feel like getting all dolled up. I’m afraid there will be a lot of shopping in front of me and I’m feeling a little dizzied with all that’s out there at various sites like , http://www.l’ , (I haven’t verified this URL, only browsed it on the net) (zit stick), , ,but there are advantages to shopping for cosmetics in person, whether at a pharmacy,or perusing the selections in some some of the bigger department stores . Is there still that friendly service with wider selection and occasionally possibility of getting pampered with a test session? I don’t remember whether it cost anything for the professional makeup job I got once at a counter. They had comfy chairs. The spritzes of perfume as I was walking by were free, the perfume saleswoman enjoyed it and so did I. There are just so many places to shop for makeup. Including the remaining big department stores such as links through and so many more. Have you ever gotten a free makeup session? How do you choose your makeup? I seemed to always start with my blouse and panties and then try to find shades that went well or at least didn’t clash. That’s why, most likely I didn’t wear the L’Oreal British Redcoat lipstick and nailpolish while my Vanity Fair Ravissant “Fuchsia Shock” nylon panties were so visible through my Hanky Panky semi-sheer petticoat. The bright red and the fuchsia probably would have clashed. Come to think of it my Opera Gloves probably clashed with my panties anyway that night in 1988. So how do YOU go about shopping for makeup with such a wide selection out there today? At the risk (potentially but hopefully not) of getting deluged with comments from manufacturer’s representatives or proxies, let me ask: Which in-store-or on line stores and which brands of what makeup and makeup related products do you like most and why?