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5 Responses to “Free-Panty-Photo-Panty-Buns-in-Cap_Sleeve-Ruffled-Nylon-Babydoll-Vanity_Fair-Lace-Inset-Full-Brief-Deep-Rose-Pink-Ladies-Nylon-Panties-Modeled-Back-View”

  1. Marge96 Says:

    When I’m looking at this panty photo of you bending over on all fours in your rose pink panties and baby-doll do you know what it looks like you want to me? You look like you want a good ass-fucking. Have you ever had a woman use a really big strap-on dildo on you? I’d like to watch that.

  2. Sandra F Says:

    O.M.G.. How funny is this one? What a pretty deep pink nylon panties male-modeled back view. Hey everybody, share with all your adult women friends! FREE PANTY PHOTO FOR ADULT WOMEN of Panty Buns in his hot pink nylon full brief ladies panties modeled back view. HE’S DARING ALL ADULT WOMEN TO COPY AND SHARE THESE PANTY PHOTOS! (giggle).

  3. Panty Buns Says:

    More Free-Panty-Photos-Ladies-Full-Briefs-Male-Modeled-Back-View

  4. Mister Panty Buns Says:

    In response to the frequent questions and concerns conveyed to me about to what extent the free panty photos of me, Mister Panty Buns, in my full brief ladies panties modeled back view are consensually released and free from any copyright claims, let me put those concerns to rest. All the photos are free of any copyright restrictions and are authorized to be published copied and shared.
         I, Panty Buns, also known as Mister Panty, hereby irrevocably release all of the photos of myself in my full brief ladies panties modeled back view to be copied, shared, re-published and viewed by and for all adult women on the planet. I further declare and confirm that all of these free panty photos of myself posted at or as attachments to the web-pages at and at where comments may be made, are not subject to copyright and are in the public domain. This constitutes a permanent irrevocable release, authorization, plea and double dare to and for all adult women to copy and share my free panty photo, to cause the maximum possible relentless saturation media coverage in my ladies full brief panties modeled back view, and help get my panty photos posted in so many places that adult women will see them everywhere. I think it will serve me right if I’m made so famous that all women everywhere on earth are talking about me and my panties, laughing at me. and have seen me in my panties often enough to recognize me on the street, yell out their comments and thoughts and ask me embarrassing questions.

  5. lingerie Says:

    Once more an interesting post from you. You look lovely posing in the babydoll and pink nylon panties. Keep it up!

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