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  1. Marge Says:

    Hey, all you adult women out there. There’s an old guy posting panty-photos of himself on the internet and calling them panties modeled for adult women only and he calls himself “Panty Buns”. It has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Have you seen this image of him in his ultra feminine pink frilly babydoll and gorgeous nylon panties? He wants to be famous in his panties. Hey, Panty Buns. Aren’t you starting to feel embarrassed? That’s what you want, right?

  2. Sadie Says:

    Obviously that’s what he wants Marge. He’s begging for it. He should be embarrassed. Im loving it. We want more panty-photos and some videos too. Keep it up, Panty Buns.

  3. Sandra F Says:

    I think he posted this same free panty photo of himself in the pink babydoll and aqua Vanity Fair nylon panties in the pages section at It’s a good panty photo. Those are nice panties and that ruffled cap sleeve babydoll top is really feminine. He, Panty Buns! When are you going to put them on one of those photo sharing services? Are you still hoping we’ll do it for you? If you want to be famous in your ladies panties so much why haven’t you done it yourself? Chicken? LMAO

  4. Panty Buns Says:

    More Free-Panty-Photos-Ladies-Full-Briefs-Male-Modeled-Back-View

  5. Panty Buns Says:

  6. sexy xmas costume Says:

    Nice photo of you in your turquoise knickers and pink babydoll! I’m gonna bookmark this page now. Maybe I should share it.

    Administrator’s note: Please do!

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