(no minors or males, please)
Mr. Sissy “Panty Buns” modeling his pretty ladies nylon panties
 Women’s-full_brief-nylon-undies- male_model-back_view-page-two
Vanity Fair nylon full brief   lace inset ladies panties
Maidenform Wise Buys women’s full brief panties
Maidenform lace trim full brief nylon panties
Maidenform sea foam green nylon full briefs
Maidenform Wise Buys lace waist nylon full briefs
Full cut  Maidenform lace waist nylon panties
Wise Buys briefs, Flexees camisole, bathbrush
Maidenform nylon panties, Flexees cami, bathbrush
Vanity Fair Aqua Mist full brief nylon panties
Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau style 13001 nylon panties
Vanity Fair brand lace trim women’s nylon briefs
stretch camisole, bath-brush,Vanity Fair panties
cap sleeve ruffled baby-doll, pink women’s undies
Frederick’s peasant top,  Nancy King sheer panties
sexy see-through women’s underwear by Nancy King
women’s sheer full panty from Lingerie Outlet
women’s see through underwear, peasant top
Nancy King sheer full panty, black top, brush
"Panty  Buns" with bathbrush in sheer panties
bathbrush, see-through full brief panties, peasant top
black peasant top, Nancy King panties, bathbrush
Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau Memoir Rose pink panties
Vanity Fair pink panties, cap sleeve ruffled babydoll
V.F. lace nouveau nylon panty, brush, babydoll
Vanity Fair panties, brush, cap sleeve babydoll
Vanity Fair Memoir Rose full brief nylon panties
V.F. pink nylon panties, bathbrush, ruffled babydoll
Vanity Fair women’s panties, babydoll, brush
Vanity Fair nylon undies, babydoll, bathbrush
sheer rose pink panties, babydoll, bathbrush
V.F. sheer hot pink nylon undies, baby-doll
vintage V.F. panty, cap sleeve lace top, bathbrush
vintage V.F. black panties, Hanky Panky lace top
V.F. Ravissant panties with ruffled baby-doll
cap sleeve pink babydoll, V.F. black nylon briefs
Vanity Fair Azure Mist women’s nylon panties
V. F.  women’s panties, pink ruffled baby-doll
V.F. 13001 ladies panties, Flexees cami, bathbrush
Vanity Fair aqua sheer nylon panties, bathbrush
Maidenform Sea Foam green "Wise Buys" briefs
Maidenform panties, Flexees red camisole
Maidenform Wise Buys panties, cami, bathbrush
Maidenform nylon panties, camisole, bathbrush
vintage sheer blue Vanity Fair panties, bathbrush
vintage Vanity Fair panties (note generous gusset)
Vanity Fair Illuminations Brief panty, hairbrush
Vanity Fair Illuminations brief panty (violet)
Kayser panty, black lace baby-doll, bathbrush
Hanky Panky lace babydoll, Kayser panties
Kayser panties, Hanky Panky babydoll, bathbrush
pink silk full brief panty, camisole, bathbrush
Kayser cami, WinterSilks full brief panty, bathbrush
cap sleeve ruffled babydoll, pink silk full brief panties
WinterSilks full brief silk panties, nylon babydoll
Vanity Fair pink panties, Hanky Panky lace top
Dixie Bell powder blue panties, Flexees camisole
Dixie Bell feminine lace trim nylon panties
So what do you (adult women) think of me in my panties? Sexy? Hilarious? Embarrassing? Sick? Hot?
Disgusting? No need to be diplomatic. Please don’t be shy. I beg you (adult women only) for your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions. Maybe you should share this with other adult woman friends or even post the URL in the stalls in the bars of ladies rooms so other adult women can get a good laugh.
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